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Lumene – Support and maintenance service for more efficient use of data

Loihde has been Lumene’s partner since 2013. The collaboration started with a project on data-driven management, which identified business needs and requirements for a new BI solution. Loihde used the workshops to evaluate different technology and architecture options and to create a roadmap for implementing the new BI solution.

The second phase of the project included the planning, implementation, and deployment of the BI solution. The project utilized agile methods, and the turnkey project included project management, solution consulting, design and implementation work, and administrator training.

After the implementation phase, the solution was transferred to Loihdes support and maintenance service, which has also updated the environment over the years. Lastly, a more extensive server update was performed to ensure and improve performance.

The data warehousing and reporting solution was built from the ground up to meet business requirements. The solution enables versatile and efficient standard and ad hoc reporting, data visualization, and automatic distribution of reports. The solution includes several integrations as well as core and control data management.

Overview of the current situation

Lumene invests in long-term partners and is very satisfied with Loihde as its reliable partner as well as the delivered solution. The original specifications and the selected tools have responded well to the needs of data-driven management also in the long term, and the solution is now in the hands of Loihde’ support and maintenance service.

“Continuous support and maintenance have been an extremely good and flexible solution,” says Lispe Tammivaara, Head of IT at Lumene. Although Lumene carries out numerous tasks itself, it requires external experts to complement its in-house resources, which are limited. “With the things we cannot do on our own, we turn to Loihde. Problems get solved immediately and the solution is developed in accordance with the requests,” says Lispe Tammivaara.

Loihde has experts on hand to support environmental maintenance, development and, if necessary, training. With the help of a continuous service, everything is taken care of, and support is available during holidays, for example, to maintain the solution.

What next?

“For Lumene, the functionality of the reporting solution is crucial, as it plays a key role in data management. It allows us to access data and see business data in a form that can be genuinely used in decision-making,” says Lispe Tammivaara.

“Loihde's continuous support and maintenance service is an excellent solution for Lumene, and we will continue with it. Over the years, the cooperation has been close, easy, and flexible. Loihde's experts, who have worked with Lumene for a long time, know our operating model, operating environment, and other partners, which brings significant added value to our cooperation,” says Lispe Tammivaara.