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Lapland Hospital District – More efficient data management

In 2013, the Lapland Hospital District launched a data-driven management project, which is part of the hospital district’s ten-year productivity development project worth tens of millions of euros. Loihde is a significant project partner to the hospital district, with which the hospital district is creating a unique package, in the Finnish perspective, that meets the requirements set by reforms at the health and social services and provincial level.

Data-driven management improves operational efficiency

Loihde helped develop a model of data-driven management for the Lapland Hospital District, in which the data generated in social and health care activities is utilized in daily operations and management, service planning, development, and customer relationship management. One example of the concrete results of the data-driven management project is the new information portal of the Hospital District called Lapin Kaira. When all data is available in one place, the patient receives the best possible treatment, with the best possible resources: personnel, equipment, and facilities can be allocated in an optimal manner to serve everyone’s interests.

Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, have access to the portal’s customized user views and clearly structured analytics meters. It creates the best conditions for professionals to do their job in such a way that patients receive good service with a quick response and a minimum turnaround time.

Janne Okkonen, Project Manager, Lapland Hospital District: We are very impressed with the expertise and exceptional capabilities of Loihde. With their approach to meeting customer needs, they stand out from other companies operating in the market. They truly care about their customers and are always ready to turn one more stone to find the best solution for the customer.