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Data quality in practice

We give you tools to make sure that your organizations' data and information is always up-to-date.


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The organisation has realised they have issues with data quality, or they want to enhance their capability of taking care of data quality.

Why choose Loihde training?

Loihde has implemented and developed data related trainings since 2012, targeting IT experts, data experts and all business experts interested in data. Information management trainings are based on Loihde's data management framework and can be tailored to the needs of different organizations and industries. Practical trainings and participatory methods are suitable for different organizational levels and are suitable for both local and remote training.​

How can we help? 

The training provides a comprehensive basic understanding of Master Data and the aspects related The training provides a comprehensive basic understanding of the meaning of data quality and related areas, key concepts and business benefits. During the training, in addition to basic concepts and theories, tools for developing, measuring and maintaining data quality will be covered in a practical and understandable way. 
Practical examples will be used to explain what the different aspects of data quality management mean and what they contribute to.

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The training will cover the following sections:

The importance of data quality for business

Different characteristics of data quality and quality measurement

Continuous data quality  improvement 

Tools for improving data quality

As a result of the training, the participant will:

  • Understands the big picture of data quality ​

  • Can build and further develop a data quality management model suitable for the organization

  • Knows how to implement data quality management as part of business and its development ​

  • Can plan and implement a successful DQM (Data Quality Management) project

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