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AI governance

AI is nowadays involved in many things, and the number of AI applications is predicted to grow strongly. Not only do businesses have high expectations of AI, but there are also many different laws, regulations, rules and guidelines that set requirements for AI and its use. In this training, we will learn how you can ensure that AI meets the expectations and requirements set for it.

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Companies have high hopes and expectations for the use of AI, but at the same time they are struggling to meet the expectations and requirements of customers, partners and regulators.

Many organisations are struggling with these issues, wondering how to develop and use AI in a way that delivers the benefits they want, while meeting other expectations and demands on AI.

Why choose Loihde Advance?

  • Loihde has developed an AI Governance Framework to support organisations in developing a capability to govern their AI. The Framework was created in multi-disciplinary AIGA project, which focused on research and development of AI governance models.
  • Loihde has implemented and developed data related trainings since 2012, targeting IT experts, data experts and all business experts interested in data. Loihde’s practical trainings and participatory methods are suitable for different organisational levels and are suitable for both local and remote training.​

* AIGA = Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing (funded by Business Finland, coordinated by University of Turku)

How can we help? 

In this one-day training, we learn about governance of artificial intelligence (AI Governance) through the life cycle thinking of AI solutions. We give the participants the means and skills to tackle the implementation of transparent, responsible and secure governance of their own organization’s AI solutions.

When you want to grow AI governance experts in your organization, Loihde’s AI Governance training is the best environment for that.

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The training will cover the following sections:

What is AI and the life cycle of AI

What is AI Governance and why does it matter

Governance management model


The responsibility matrix as a tool in the creation of AI Governance


Models and Tools for AI Governance


Assessing AI governance Maturity

Why should you participate?

  • You will get a good overview of the areas of AI Governance

  • You understand why AI Governance is needed

  • You will be able to evaluate your own organization’s AI governance capabilities

  • You will hear best practices from industry experts

  • You know how you can practically start building AI governance

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