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Tukes - Loihde helped the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency to develop services and operations using text analytics

Tukes - kuvaaja - Marjaana Malkamäki

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) is a licensing and supervisory authority that promotes the safety and reliability of products, services, and industrial activities. Tukes supervises products, services and production systems in defined sectors and enforces related legislation. The purpose of its activities is to protect people, property, and the environment from safety risks.

Tukes has an "Ask and Give Feedback" website through which both professionals and individuals can contact Tukes’ experts, for example to get more specific guidance on questions they may have. The website receives around 300 contacts per month.

What was the problem that the solution was sought for?

  • How could Tukes develop and make better use of the "Ask and Give Feedback" website?
  • How to reduce the workload of experts and provide tools to work more efficiently
  • How to improve customer self-service and reduce problem resolution time

From analytics to ideas!

Loihdes' experts analyze text data collected from Tukes' "Ask and Give Feedback" website. The project used both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as statistical analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The results of the analysis were used to generate alternative solutions for three different topics;

  1. Performance of e-services
  2. Speed up processing time
  3. Customer and stakeholder satisfaction

The solutions reflected Loihdes' core competencies in analytics and AI, and experience in user-centric design of digital services. The emerging development areas for improving services and operations were prioritized in a joint workshop between Tukes' experts, communications and Loihde. The solution models and prioritization of the development areas helped Tukes to improve customer self-service and the work of the experts.

" We want to be an approachable authority and that is why we focus on customer orientation in the development of our services. The text analysis and workshop helped us to prioritise the next steps in the development of our question, answer, and feedback service" - Anu von Lode, Director of Communications, Tukes