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Raisio – Data management solution with new architecture

Raisio was the first company in Finland to implement the SAP S/4HANA system, and Loihde provided Raisio with a new comprehensive solution for business data management and data-driven management. Loihde has been Raisio’s partner for several years, and as part of the cooperation, Loihde renewed the entire data management and analytics solution. The centralized data storage platform was implemented with the SAP BW 7.5 Powered by HANA product in accordance with the new architecture, using completely new components.

The new architecture revolutionizes data warehousing development with SAP BW technology and facilitates more agile and straightforward solutions compared with traditional SAP BW architecture. This is one of Finland’s first data warehousing and analytics solution integrated into the SAP S4/HANA system as well as one of Finland’s first centralized data warehousing solutions implemented with SAP BW 7.5 Powered by HANA in accordance with the new architecture.

New level of data-driven management

A key data source for the solution is the new SAP S/4HANA system, in addition to which the solution was integrated into numerous other operational systems using the SAP BO Data Services integration tool. Most of the analytics and reporting functions were realized using Tableau. Tableau helps Raisio to reach the next level of data-driven management. The solution enables the independent utilization of data throughout the organization, the automated delivery of standardized data, and the development of new digital services.

Mikko Laurila, Group Controller, Raisio: We are very pleased with the new solution, which enables us to monitor and develop our business in completely new ways. Collaboration with Loihde has run very smoothly. I would highly recommend them!