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Ministry of Finance Finland – Multiple benefits from a data warehouse needs assessment

Loihde carried out a data warehouse needs assessment, planning, and modeling project for the Ministry of Finance. The aim of the project was to identify the need for a structured and numerical data warehouse within the Ministry. The project is part of the needs assessment and project planning entity for the Ministry of Finance’s data warehouse, carried out to further develop data-driven management and streamline processes and operating methods.

In addition to assessing the need for data warehouses, the aim of the project was to study various aspects of the Ministry’s data production and utilization so that operational activities would receive the best possible support after the planned technological and operational reforms. In addition, the aim of the project was to bring together the Ministry’s user needs related to the use of data, to identify relevant data, and to find ways to streamline data streams and develop documentation.

The project for the Ministry of Finance also addressed the internal challenges of data management and examined the ways to harmonize data procedures and activities, and defined which areas should be prioritized.

As a result of the project, Loihde issued a recommendation to the Ministry of Finance to launch a data warehouse project. It was also noted that, in order to increase the capability of data management, it is very important not only to build a data warehouse solution, but also to develop a balanced operating model that supports good data management.