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With optimisation, the best possible option is searched for by automatically comparing and evaluating the available opportunities.

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When you want to look for the best possible way of working or an alternative among several different solutions. Or you want to enhance the operation of existing analytics models. Optimisation can be used to improve operations and processes or, for example, the functioning of industrial equipment.

Why choose Loihde?


Our experience with optimisation problems in different industries is comprehensive

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Technology independence, we have competence in all key technologies


We are responsible for the entire production chain, from data processing to visualisation of analytical results


We also manage the mapping, construction and utilisation of extensive analytics production environments

How can we help? 

Optimisation is used to search for the best possible option by automatically comparing and evaluating alternative solutions. With the help of optimisation, it is possible to find the best possible weights in analytics. Time series analysis can be used to optimise the operation of production equipment and reduce their breakdowns.

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Our optimisation services

Customised optimisation models that answer the business problem

Complete solutions that extend from the design table to the user interface and up to the training and implementation of the solution

Benefits of optimisation

  • We identify the most significant processes or work steps that require optimisation from a business perspective.

  • We create option models that allow the desired effect of the measures to be easily compared.

  • We implement optimisation solutions that, as tools, appear to users as a simple user interface, through which limiting parameters can be changed and the optimisation process can be started. The results can be presented visually or numerically and forwarded to operational systems
  • With the help of optimisation, making business decisions is streamlined.

  • Decision-making can be more clearly held accountable.

  • Optimisation enables automatic decision-making and makes business more efficient.



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