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IoT analytics

Intelligent analysis and prediction solutions created around sensor technologies

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We help build a more efficient business by predicting and optimising processes related to industrial production and logistics or the use of raw materials and resources.

Why choose Loihde?


Technology independence, we have competence in all key technologies

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We deliver smart solutions and equipment, e.g. related to the utilisation of sensor data.


We are responsible for the entire production chain, from the installation of IoT devices and data collection to the visualisation of analytical results.


We can map, build and utilise the analytics of large production environments.

How can we help? 

  • We create a vision of the benefits of measuring IoT sensor technology (Internet of Things) by understanding the state of the hardware or its operating environment.
  • We draw up an action plan on how e.g. smart devices, products and sensors should be optimally utilised
  • We combine data from other data sources and analyse past events, as well as build future forecast models for e.g. the lifesppan of machines.
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Our IoT analytics services 

IoT devices, installation and data collection

Connecting data generated by IoT devices to internal and external data sources

We offer consulting services for the architecture of IoT solutions

We help you find the right technology solutions that support IoT analytics for your needs

Tailored reporting solutions – IoT data in a visual format that is easy for users to adopt

We are responsible for the maintenance and further development of your IoT solution as a continuous service

Benefits of IoT analytics

  • IoT data can be collected and analysed even in real time

  • Deviations and signs of future problems can be found in the data flow in good time and measures can be taken automatically

  • Artificial Intelligence and various machine learning applications can be used in IoT analytics, and cloud services enable cost-effective ececution of even massive calculation processes for masses of data
  • With the help of analysed IoT data, business can be made more efficient and new business opportunities can be identified

  • Processes related to production and logistics, as well as the use of raw materials and resources, can be optimised



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