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Analytics consulting services

Let’s create a common vision for your organisation about the possibilities of analytics

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The use of analytics is part of managing a modern organisation with information. However, concretising and phrasing its goals is often perceived as challenging. We help organisations build analytics that can be used from business information.

Why choose Loihde?


Technology independence, we have competence in all key technologies

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We deliver smart solutions and equipment, e.g. related to the utilisation of sensor data.


We are responsible for the entire production chain, from data processing to visualisation of analytical results.


We also manage the mapping, construction and utilisation of extensive analytics production environments.

How can we help? 

In our analytics roadmap service, we create a common vision for your organisation about the possibilities of utilising analytics. It concretises the goals of utilisation and enables the business benefit of analytics.

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Our analytics consulting services

In workshops and through interviews, we map the situation and challenges of using analytics in your organisation. We identify business needs and prioritise development targets

We produce a documented development path for the utilisation of analytics, as well as a preliminary priority and schedule plan for development projects in the area of analytics.

We help match your analytics needs to the right kind of work equipment acquisitions and investments.

We train and familiarise your organisation’s expers to become advanced analytics experts.

  • Utilisation of data

  • Data interpretation with expert guidance
    Let’s support fact-based decision-making

  • Refinement of knowledge

  • Data visualisation

  • For analysis, we can enrich your data with external data sources or collect data from different data sources together

  • Facilitating the selection of suitable tools for the organisation, for example as a basis for low-code thinking
  • Business measures can be targeted correctly

  • Analytics guides better decision-making and helps identify risks and new business opportunities

  • Streamlining and automating processes

  • When the results of analytics are transferred to a part of the business, the use of resources and business processes can be optimised and better quality customer service can be offered



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