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AI as a business benefit

Competitive advantage with artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is directed to make desired processes automated, or it is used to improve business benefits by analysing and creating, for example, images, text or speech.

Why choose Loihde?


We operate in the broad field of artificial intelligence and help to see the potential benefits and applications of AI solutions

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Using the most applicable technologies, we build artificial intelligence solutions that respond to genuine business problems


We implement the principles of safe and responsible artificial intelligence, and participate in the research work on the subject.

How can we help? 

  • AI solutions perform tasks imitating human intelligent activity, such as reasoning, learning, forecasting, decision-making, natural language processing, speech and character recognition
  • AI can be used to automate the interpretation of information
  • We help organisations to identify, test, build and maintain the effective usability of AI
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Our artificial intelligence services 

The implementation process of an artificial intelligence project resembles a traditional analytics project. It typically starts with mapping the business problem and the data. After that, in the POC phase, the use of artificial intelligence is tested on the material and the business benefit that can be achieved is then evaluated.

Artificial intelligence projects can also utilise large masses of data and search for anomalies and trends.

Flexible cloud service solutions enable the processing of data of almost unlimited size.

  • Speech recognition, natural language analysis, machine vision, search recommendations and email filtering

  • Artificial intelligence solutions can be used, for example, in analysing customer service material and directing customer surveys to the customer service representative

  • Artificial intelligence can also be used to produce advanced solutions that facilitate customer service encounters, which ready-made products cannot implement
  • With the help of artificial intelligence, organisations arre able to make their processes more efficient

  • With artificial intelligence, it is possible to create completely new products or services that create more value

  • With the help of artificial intelligence, business can be predicted and optimised even better

  • Artificial intelligence helps make faster decisions, streamlines processes and improves quality, and eliminates the possibility of human error.



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