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Advanced analytics

Competitive advantage and significant savings with the help of advanced analytics.

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Loihde Advance helps to create analytics from data in a wide variety of ways for business development, increasing efficiency and creating new products and services.

For example, understanding the purchasing motives, satisfaction factors and behavior of the customer base helps the company to develop its offering and communication to better meet customer needs and expectations.

Why choose Loihde?


Business focus – all our solutions are based on the value it produces for the business code


Technology independence – we control all key technologies.


We are responsible for the entire production chain, from data processing to visualisation of analytics results.


We also manage the mapping, construction and utilisation of extensive analytics production environments.

How can we help? 

Our experienced Data Scientists help to make full use of data to support problem solving and operational development. We speak data fluently, we are interested in data phenomena, and we master data technologies.

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Our advanced analytics services

Identifying needs and opportunities

Analytical solutions from definition to implementation

The entire production chain from data processing to production and visualisation of results

High-level research projects combining qualitative and quantitative data

Solutions for all kinds of technical environments

Maintenance and development of the analytics solution and environment as a continuous service

Prediction models, segmentation, recommendation engines and optimisation

Impact assessment, image recognition and text analytics

Benefits of advanced analytics

  • Utilisation of data

  • Data interpretation with expert guidance

  • Let’s support fact-based decision-making

  • Refinement of knowledge

  • Data visualisation

  • Data enriched with external data sources or collected from different data sources for analysis
  • Business measures can be targeted correctly

  • Analytics guides better decision-making and helps identify risks and new business opportunities

  • Streamlining and automating processes

  • When the results of analytics are transferred to a part of the business, the use of resources and business processes can be optimised and better quality customer service can be offered



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